NOTSENSIBLES got their first break when they played at Band on The Wall in Manchester. They invited indie label owner Dave Bentley (Bent Records – Drones, John The Postman) to come and see them – impressed by their shambolic originality, he offered to put out a single for them – Death to Disco. John Peel played it. Bentley then offered to put out an album which they recorded during the night (cheaper) at Rochdale’s iconic Cargo Studios.

It was a seat of the pants affair, with Bentley scrabbling and wheeling and dealing to raise the money to pay for it. It was fresh and original with the daftness of endless trips in the back of the van transformed into idiotic schoolboy sketches between the songs. Their irreverence spilled into the studio, with numerous schoolboyesque pranks, including impaling stale pies on mic stands.

The pressing sold out quickly (maybe a 1000?) and the band decided to record a couple of different tracks and remix it, ditching a lot of the sketches. Boff drew the iconic second cover with thousands of tiny scratchy figures drawn in black ink.

The first issue quickly became a rarity, but remained  the favourite of die-hard fans because of its raw purity.

Now it’s available for the first time since then on CD. It’s been tastefully remastered by bass player Gaz, losing none of the originality. If there’s enough interest, we’ll re-issue it on vinyl. Prices include P&P