After the band split, Sage played in a succession of 3-piece punk/rockabilly 3-pieces and formed his own DIY back-room label (Eli Records).

He got the notion to study medicine. He started from scratch, doing A-levels and got into medical school against incredible odds.

He now works as an Emergency Medicine consultant in a busy Major Trauma centre.

Always keen on gardening, he got an allotment which he gardened organically for many years before buying the field next door and making it into a permaculture smallholding which he calls The Ranch.

In a eureka moment, he had the idea to write a book from birthday to birthday, using the Ranch’s annual cycle as a framework to tell his story – the result is Painting Snails.

It’s a gentle memoir, told with searing vernacular wit and humour. It includes lots of fond NOTSENSIBLES anecdotes including the formation of the band and how they got their name.

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